Can you shrink a cable knit sweater?

Can you alter a cable knit sweater?

You generally can. Most wool, cashmere, and natural fiber knits can be altered in order to give a better fit. This includes “fine knits” (small stitched, machine-made items) and knits of medium and heavier weight yarns.

How do you shrink a wool sweater without ruining it?

How to shrink a wool jumper in the tumble dryer

  1. Dampen the item. Make sure it’s equally damp all over if you want it to shrink evenly.
  2. Use a tumble dryer. Put it in the tumble dryer and set the heat to medium.
  3. Keep your eyes on it. Every four or five minutes, take a look to see how it’s doing.
  4. Act quickly.

Can you resize a sweater?

Safety pins can temporarily change the width and length of any sweater. … Thus, instead of keeping the sweater hidden in the closet until you can give it away, you can easily alter its size. To shrink your large sweater, you can choose a permanent or temporary solution, depending on your needs.

Can you block a sweater smaller?

If your finished sweater is a little snug, you can sometimes block it to fit. … Needless to say, it’s better to swatch and get the correct gauge before making the sweater than it is to stretch it to fit afterward.

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