Can you slow down a Brother sewing machine?

Can I reduce the speed of my sewing machine?

Reducing the speed of a machine allows more precision for working on intricate detail as well as for working with heavier weight fabrics such as canvas. … To make your sewing machine run slower, you can start with changing the pulley size on your motor. The smaller the pulley equals the slower the speed.

Where is the speed control on Brother sewing machine?

One of the settings that you can change is the speed controller. That’s the slide button at the top of your machine that allows you to control the speed at which you sew.

How do I slow down my brother industrial sewing machine?

How to slow down speed of industrial sewing machine

  1. Changing a clutch motor to a servo motor. …
  2. Change the hand wheel (flywheel) of industrial sewing machine. …
  3. Change the pulley of sewing machine motor. …
  4. Buy a speed reducer for your heavy duty sewing machine.

How do I turn off the speed controller on my Brother sewing machine?

Error message “Change speed controller mode to off”

  1. To turn the speed controller OFF.
  2. Turn on the sewing machine.
  3. Press in the operation panel.
  4. Press , , and (arrow keys) until is selected.
  5. Press . …
  6. Press to select OFF.
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How do I turn off speed controller mode?


  1. Press. (Settings key) to display the settings screen.
  2. Display The second page of the settings screen by pressing . The item. (Width control) is selected.
  3. Change the value of width control from [ON] to [OFF] by pressing or . (1) …
  4. Press (Back key) or. (OK key) to close the settings screen.