Frequent question: What type of weaving is made from Tikong that grows in swampy areas?

What type of wave is made from Tikog that grows in swampy areas?

The Banig is typically made from tikog, a special reed grass which grows in swampy areas along rice fields.

What is the use of Tikog?

The town of Basey in the Philippines is known for its colourful and unique “tikog” (native reed) handicrafts. Tikog stems are gathered and bleached under the sun for several days to dry out. The weavers use these to make intricate mats, bags, pouches, storage boxes and other crafts.

What kind of artwork is Basey mat?

The Majestic “Banig” of Basey, Samar

The Majestic “Banig” of Basey Samar The traditional art of mat weaving continues to flourish in this old town whose name has become synonymous with woven sleeping mat, or “banig.

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