Frequent question: Where is Mary Maxim yarn manufactured?

Is Mary Maxim a Canadian company?

The Mary Maxim Story

In the 1950’s, no other company had its finger more firmly on the pulse of the Canadian knitter than Mary Maxim! Click here to view a short video on our rich history.

Who owns Mary Maxim?

Is Mary Maxim still in business?

Mary Maxim announced on Thursday that it will be closing its Port Huron store. … Mary Maxim operates a thriving catalog/internet business in North America and we will continue to concentrate our efforts in expanding that part of the business.”

How long has Mary Maxim been in business?

For almost 60 years our Mary Maxim retail store, which is attached to our U.S. offices in Port Huron, Michigan, has been known for our iconic pink bags; if you saw people with these bags you KNEW where they had been shopping. When we had a new store opening in London, Ontario we began thinking of a …

How long does Mary Maxim take to ship?

(Tracking may not be available immediately and you may have to check back for updates as they become available) Standard delivery- shipped from zip code 48460; Rush delivery- guaranteed 3 business days from the date it ships.

Does Mary Maxim sell fabric?

We have amazing selections of trending yarns, crafts, fabrics, stitchery and so much more. Whether you choose to create that cozy afghan, fashionable sweater or select something from our newly expanded Ladies Fashion & Home Decor department the value & selection always pleases.

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