How do you quilt a double sided Tshirt quilt?

Can you make a double-sided Tshirt quilt?

Once you order, we’ll email you instructions for mailing your t-shirts to us. The Double-Sided T-Shirt Quilt Blanket: We take all of one side of your shirts and put it on one side of the blanket, and all the other sides of your shirts and put it on the other side of the blanket.

How do you measure the width of a quilt border?

Calculating border size is really pretty simple. Just total all the finished measurements and add your seam allowances. For example, suppose that the quilt in Figure 3 is made of 10-inch square blocks with one-inch wide sashing strips, and you want a finished border that is 10 inches wide.

What kind of backing do I need for a T-shirt quilt?

Choose a printed backing material when a T-shirt quilt is hand tied or machine tacked. These methods will each leave just a small 1/4” or less stitch on the back of the quilt. The entire back of the quilt will be speckled with these small stitches. These stitches will get lost in the design of a printed material.

Can quilts be double-sided?

There are two main reasons you might want or need a double-sided T-shirt quilt. They both have to do with having too many T-shirts. Most people look to a double-sided quilt because they have a lot of T-shirts, and they don’t want to exclude any of them.

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