How do you sew a linen shirt?

Is linen difficult to sew?

Actually, linen is easy to sew; it does not slip or stretch when you are cutting it out or sewing a seam. However, linen is prone to shrinking and to fraying, so special care must be taken when preparing it for layout and when finishing seams. Versatile natural linen comes in weights suitable for any project.

Should linen be prewashed before sewing?

Once you’ve pre-washed your linen and it’s nearly dry, we recommend pressing the fabric before you start sewing. This is especially useful with linen, due to its natural inherent wrinkles, and will ensure you have a clear, flat surface to work on.

What thread is best for sewing linen?

Use cotton thread or cotton covered polyester thread for sewing linen. Seams, Seam Finishes, and Hems: Standard straight seams, medium length stitching (2.5) are good choices. You can also use French seams, fell seams, mock welt seams, and hemstitching if you so desire.

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