How do you sew stripes on a shirt?

How do you sew stripes on clothes?

Lay the strip down on the sleeve where you want it. Make the strip perpendicular to the fold (far right in the photo above). Place the strip to have some overhang at the underarm seam. Start pining the stripe down to the sleeve but not through both layers of the sleeve.

How do you sew stripes together?

Place two strips right sides together, crossing the ends at right angles. Lay them on a flat surface and pin securely. Imagine the strips as the capital letter A. Draw a line across the pieces to connect the points where they intersect, just like crossing the A, and then sew along the line.

How do you match plaid sleeves?

To cut the sleeve, choose that dominant line you selected for the center back and center front and make that go down the center of your sleeve. Horizontally, you want to match up your plaid at the notches on the FRONT sleeve and FRONT bodice piece. Forget about matching at the back.

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