How do you use the SS on a Brother sewing machine?

What are the three dials on a Brother sewing machine?

They are there so you can change tension, stitch width, and stitch length to fit your needs.

What should the settings be on my Brother sewing machine?

The settings for straight stitching are as follows.

  1. Set the stitch length to F-4.
  2. Set the stitch width at 0.
  3. The needle position can be set to M (Middle), L (Left), or R (Right). – For twin needle sewing, always set at M.
  4. Install the zigzag presser foot.

What is a thread guide?

noun In a sewing-machine, a device, as a loop or an eye, for guiding the thread when it is necessary to change the direction at any point between the spool and the eye of the needle.

How do I adjust my sewing machine for thicker fabric?

Sewing on thick fabrics

  1. Adjust the presser foot pressure. …
  2. Lower the presser foot lever to lower the presser foot.
  3. Turn the presser foot pressure dial at the back of the machine to adjust the pressure of the presser foot. …
  4. When you are finished sewing, reset the dial to 3 (standard)
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