How many beads do you need to make a garland?

What size wood beads are used for Garland?

25mm seems to be standard however you can use any size that fits your decor and project idea. How to style wood bead garland? This garland is beautiful on a shelf or mantel, draped around a plant or candle, even on the Christmas tree. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

What string do you use for beaded garland?

Using your hemp string (and a large needle if preferred), thread your beads one by one in your desired pattern until finished. Take your jute twine and begin wrapping it around your fingers in a circular fashion or use any circle-shaped object until the desired thickness for your tassel is reached.

What are Casa beads?

Each casa bead that is sold helps support NICA’s Somos el Cambio Program. This is an organization where people serve their communities in exchange for building materials to improve or build their homes. You can visit for more information!

How many beads do you need for a Christmas tree?

In general, you will use two strands of beaded strings per 1 vertical foot of tree. It’s much easier to place the bead strings onto the tree before placing the ornaments.

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