How much yarn does it take to make a tassel?

How much yarn do you need for a tassel?

The amount of yarn you need will depend on the size and thickness that you want to end up with. I needed about 25 feet of yarn for my tassel. Cut the yarn off at the bottom of the piece of cardboard, after your last wrap.

How many yards of thread does it take to make a tassel?

The size of the tassel depends on how much thread you use: more yards = fluffier tassel. If you have a thicker fiber, you will need fewer yards. For the samples, we used 30 yards of 10/2 cotton.

What kind of yarn do you use to make tassels?

A sport-weight wool-silk yarn makes a luxurious, more tailored tassel with an elegant drape. Use thinner fibers, such as silk or cotton embroidery floss, for smaller tassels. Embroidery floss can look relaxed or refined, depending on where the tassel is used.

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