How strong is Stitch Lilo?

How dense is Stitch?

Because we are measuring space between stitches, the smaller the number, the more dense the stitching. A reasonably average value for density is . 4 to . 45.

Why is Stitch called 626?

The experiment number for Stitch is “626” which is an area code for the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California (Whether one of the writers for the movie lives or is from this area is not known).

What is best density for embroidery?

There are reasons to create lines of stitching closer together than . 4mm, but for almost all standard embroidery your density should be at . 4mm or less (meaning further apart).

What is Stitch’s favorite color?

In New Horizonsedit

Birthday Personality
Favorite colors Colorful and White
Hobby Play
Carried bag Classy
Book Comic
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