Question: How do you store floss for cross stitch?

How do you store extra thread?

In Ziplock Bags

This one actually came in thanks to a reader; ziplock bags, or if you prefer the branded thread-specific versions; Floss-A-Way bags. These bags are airtight plastic bags that no only hold the thread, but are great at holding the long ends of threads you have that are worth keeping.

How do you keep a cross stitch thread?

Organizing Floss

  1. Keeping the floss as-is: If you want to keep the floss as-is, a Stitch Bow Floss holder is the way to go—simply place the floss on the top and bottom of the bow. …
  2. For skeins that are used but have remaining scraps: Bobbins are great ways to keep your floss in order.

Where do you store cross stitch?

Keep your project away from direct sunlight.

Store it in a pillowcase or large zip-lock bag to keep dust-free. A dry, sealed container will prevent visits from moths. 3. If you use an embroidery hoop, remove your project from the hoop between stitching sessions.

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