Quick Answer: What can I do with big beads?

What are those big beads called?

Crow beads are large beads shaped like seed beads. Sometimes mistakenly called pony beads, they are commonly made of glass, plastic or wood and are larger than pony beads.

Why are beads so expensive?

All of the following things contribute to the cost of beads: – The cost of manufacturing. – The cost of shipping from the Czech Republic to the U.S. – The cost of tariffs and new ‘homeland’ security inspection fees.

What is a bead aligner?

With bead aligners, you can incorporate your favorite large-hole beads into any jewelry design. … One end of aligners features a small peg that is meant to go inside a larger bead’s hole to align that bead with the rest. Simply string one aligner on each side of your large-hole bead and design your idea.

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