What are stop beads?

What is a stop bead on a window?

[′stäp ‚bēd] (building construction) A molding on the pulley stile of a window frame; forms one side of the groove for the inner sash.

Where are stop beads used?

Stop beads, also known as stop end beads, create a square-finished edge for external render systems. These can be up against window and door frames, soffits, copings, other claddings or building fabrics. A silicone sealant is usually ran along the return or back edge of the stop bead to prevent water ingress.

How do you string a stop bead?

To create a stop bead, simply string a bead (a large seed bead works well) that doesn’t look like one of the beads in your chosen color palette. Slide the bead to within 6″ or so from the end of the thread and pass through the bead once . . . . . . and then one or two more times.

What is a smart bead?

Smart Beads are simple yet innovative essentials that firmly clutch chain, wire, leather, or fibers with their silicone-lined Bead Positioning System. You can slide them to any point in a design and reposition if the placement is not just right. The inner liner will hold the bead wherever it is positioned.

Can you use plastic beads for sand and cement render?

Renderplas PVCu beads are all made locally from exterior grade UV resistant PVCu so they can be installed both inside and out. They are fast and easy to install and perfect for all renders including sand and cement.

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