What can I make with tape yarn?

Is tape yarn the same as T-shirt yarn?

This thick and flat yarn is known for its similarity with Tshirt yarn but being more persistent in color shades that is why it is ideal for HOME DECOR projects such as rugs, baskets, poufs, bowls, placemats, centerpieces, organizers, cushions…and even handbags.

What is flat yarn used for?

Simple crochet rugs work well using flat yarn. A bulky weight flat yarn can be substituted for T-shirt yarn in patterns such as this one, creating high-class home decor that’s cozy under bare feet. This small rug is designed for use in a bathroom but would also work nicely in a kitchen.

What weight is tape yarn?

Tape Yarn Thickness: 7mm (2/7in) Roll Dimension (height x diameter) 13cm x 8.3 cm (5.13in x 3.25in) Length: 120 meters (130 yards) Weight: 250 grams (8.8onz) Recommended Hooks: 6-8 mm The color of the Yarn can be slightly different depending on your screen settings. Pictures are referential only.

What is flat yarn?

Flat yarn is obtained via a processing technique which creates a smooth thread giving garments a fresh silkiness whilst retaining all the technical high-performance of nylon.

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