What do crimp beads look like?

What do crimps look like?

Crimp covers look a little like metal donuts with a bite taken out. They slip over the crimp and look just like a metal bead when closed. They come in a variety of metal finishes to match any project. It’s important to avoid crimps that are too small for your beading wire as well.

What are crimper pliers?

Crimping Pliers are used to close 2mm-3mm crimp beads and crimp tubes smoothly and unobtrusively. Crimps are small beads or tubes used to hold wire or string ends firmly so that the design will not unravel and clasps can be attached.

How do I know what crimp to use?

Note: It is important that you use the right size tool for your crimp tubes. For 1mm crimp tubes, we recommend the Micro Crimper. For 2mm crimp tubes, we recommend the Bead Crimper Tool. For 3mm and 4mm crimp tubes, we recommend using either the Mighty Crimper or Bent Chain Nose Pliers.

Can you use crimp beads as spacer beads?

Crimps can be used as spacers and more.

What is crimp area?

1 : something produced by or as if by crimping: such as. a : a section of hair artificially waved or curled. b : a succession of waves (as in wool fiber) c : a bend or crease formed in something.

How do you know what size crimp bead to use?

You want your crimp to succeed so choose the right size but also the thickest metal possible. Generally speaking, a 1mm OD crimp tube of any length is great for use with finer strands of beading wire (. 007 to . 014), 2mm OD crimps are ideal for .

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