What does a knitting tech editor do?

How much does a knitting tech editor make?

There is no “average” sum of what a tech editor can charge. Each can choose their own fees (as long as a designer is willing to pay it). Some charge per page or project, others charge on an hourly basis. While many charges between 10-20 per hour, some tech editors will charge $75 per hour or more.

What do tech editors do?

Technical editors edit technical documents. They look at grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style. When they identify errors, they correct them. After reviewing the work of technical writers, technical editors give feedback on their copy.

How do you become a technical editor for knitting?

Whether working for another designer or for yourself, a tech editor should have basic knitting skills and a solid understanding of knitting techniques, construction, and terminology. One should also be comfortable with math, competent with computers, and possess good language skills.

What are the basic aspects of technical editing?

Even so, you can use three basic levels for most technical editing projects: Consistency and correctness. Edit for surface-level issues such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, word use, page numbering, cross-references, and color consistency. Changes from these edits will not deeply impact the document as a whole.

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How do I become a technical editor?

To become a technical editor, you need a bachelor’s degree in technical communications, journalism, English, or a related field. Sometimes, additional education in engineering or a master’s degree is required, depending on the employer.

What is meant by technical editing?

Technical editing involves reviewing text written on a technical topic and identifying errors related to the use of language in general or adherence to a specific style guide. … Technical editing is the editing of scientific, engineering, medical, or other complex documents for both language and content issues.

How do I find a tech editor?

How to Find a Good Tech Editor. There is an extensive directory of tech editors in the Budding Designers group on Ravelry, which is a good place to start. Additionally, you can also google tech editors and check our their websites.

What is master hand knitter?

A Master Hand Knitter is a person who has successfully completed Level Three of The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) program. There are about 350 people worldwide with this designation. … The TKGA motto is “Master your knitting through education!”. Knitting clubs and individuals worldwide are members of TKGA.