What does a spool cap do on a sewing machine?

Can you use a sewing machine without a spool pin?

One of the most simple, yet critical, of these is the spool pin. Although they may vary in design and appearance from one machine to another, the modern sewing machine would not function without this small appendage.

Why are there two spool holders on a sewing machine?

These are made to accommodate the two different types of wound thread spools. What appears to be a more modern recent way of winding, where the thread crisscrosses over itself and makes a pattern on the spool like you usually see on cones of thread (pictured below).

What is a spool holder?

noun A stand for one or more spools of sewing-thread, on which the spools are mounted on pins, so as to turn freely as the thread is unwound.

What is auxiliary spool pin for?

This spool pin is used when another thread spool is needed for twin needle sewing or bobbin winding. Use this spool pin with a thread spool for twin needle sewing, spare machine threading or bobbin winding.

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