What is a Double Wedding Ring quilt?

How much material do I need to make a double wedding ring quilt?

Materials you need at home:

Twin Size:  Outer fabric = 2 yards  Center fabric = 2 yards  Fabric for rings = 2 yards for each color. Full Size:  Outer fabric = 2 ½ yards  Center fabric = 2 ½ yards  Fabric for rings = 2 ½ yard each color.

How many blocks are in a queen size double wedding ring quilt?

As you can see in the chart, a double size Double Wedding Ring quilt with 12″ blocks will measure 78″ x 90″ and has 1497 individual pieces of fabric. A queen size quilt has 2032 pieces and a king size has 2255 pieces!!

What is a log cabin quilt?

Log Cabin Quilts are made of arrangements of a repeated single block pattern. The Log Cabin block consists of light and dark fabric strips that represent the walls of a. log cabin. A center patch, often of red cloth, represents the hearth or fire.

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