What is the meaning of moss stitch?

Is Moss stitch hard?

The Moss stitch is the sequence of only two stitches: the chain stitch and the single crochet. Its simplicity is easy enough for a beginner but also fascinating enough for advanced crocheters and would be great for blankets, scarfs, cowls, shawls or even for sweaters.

Does moss stitch use more yarn?

Other Names: Irish moss stitch. … Yarn Consumption: Though the constant alternating between knit and purl stitches produces a slightly tighter fabric than stockinette, seed stitch does not use significantly more yarn.

Is Moss stitch good for a scarf?

This moss stitch scarf is a great beginner project as the scarf is worked flat with straight knitting needles and uses just two basic stitches; knit and purl. The scarf has no ‘wrong’ side as the moss stitch is the same on the front and back. … Using super chunky wool I would allow 3 – 5 hours to make this scarf.

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