What made the seamstress child relaxed?

What made the seamstress child release?

The Little Seamstress explains that she leaves because she learned about the power of a woman’s beauty. …

What did swallow become to help the prince?

Answer: The swallow helps the Happy Prince by distributing precious stones and gold leaves that decorated his body. Explanation: When the swallow was about to sleep, he felt three drops of tears on him.

Why were Prince and the swallow so precious *?

Answer: The leaden heart of the Happy Prince and the dead swallow are the two most precious things mentioned in the story. They are precious because the Happy Prince was kind and served the poor and the needy by providing them with the last resource of his statue to bring back a little happiness in their lives.

What did the Happy Prince ask the swallow to do with the gold on his body?

Answer: The Happy Prince asked the swallow to peel the gold on his body and give it to the children in the town which need the money.

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What made the Happy Prince blind?

After that the Happy Prince saw a match girl and her matches fall into the gutter. At his command the swallow very unwillingly plucked out the sapphire from the other eye of the Happy Prince and now the Prince was totally blind. the swallow slipped the sapphire into the palm of the match girl.

What moved the Swallow’s heart?

Answer: Swallow’s heart got moved on seeing The Happy Prince helping the people selflessly. He parted with everything he had . He even gave away his eyes and became completely blind.

How did the Swallow give comfort to the son of the seamstress?

The Happy Prince asked the swallow to take the ruby out of his sword, where it was hidden and give it to the seamstress, whose son was lying on the bed with fever. The swallow took the ruby and placed it on the table.

What does the swallow do in the seamstress house?

What does the swallow do in the seamstress’ house? The Happy Prince sent a ruby for the seamstress as she was extremely poor and could not feed her child who was suffering from fever. On being convinced by the Prince, the swallow picked out the ruby from the sword and flew to the seamstress’ house.

Why did swallow died?

The swallow is a bird who needs to migrate to a warm climate in the winter months. … The swallow kisses the Prince on the lips and then dies in that moment, having fulfilled his purpose, which causes the lead heart of the Prince to crack in two.

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At what age did Einstein pass away *?

After suffering an abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture several days before, Albert Einstein died on April 18, 1955, at age 76.

What happens when the swallow dies *?

Answer: When the swallow died and fell near the Happy Prince’s feet, his leaden heart broke into two pieces. … The cold approached and affected the little swallow resulting in its death. The swallow’s death caused grief and broke the Prince’s heart in two.

What does the Happy Prince ask the little swallow to take to the poor lady?

The Happy Prince asked the swallow to take the sapphire from his other eye and give it to the poor little girl. The swallow was not ready to do so because that would make the Prince completely blind.