You asked: How do you sew two edges together?

How do you seam edges?

Place the fabric with the wrong sides together and sew a ⅜ (1cm) seam. Trim both sides of the seam allowance back to ¼”. Fold the fabric back on itself so that the right sides are together, enclosing the raw edges of the seam allowance. Crease along the seam line, press and if needed pin in place.

How do you sew frayed edges?

Fixing Frayed Edges With Stitches

  1. Use an overcast stitch, either by hand or by sewing machine, which loops the thread over the edge of the fabric to prevent unraveling. …
  2. Create a French seam with your fabrics by sewing the edges together, wrong sides facing one another, and then pressing the seam.

What stitch is used for seams?

Two essential stitches create a seam: a construction stitch and a finishing stitch. A construction stitch joins the two pieces of fabric together, while the finishing stitch prevents the raw edge of the fabric from fraying during normal wash and wear.

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