You asked: Is the point where the weld bead contacts the base metal surface?

What is the junction between the surface of a weld and the base metal called?

Toe– The junction of the weld face and the base metal. Leg– The distance from the joint root to the toe of the weld. Face– The exposed surface of a weld on the side from which welding was done. Theoretical Throat– The minimum distance minus any reinforcement between the joint root and the face of a fillet weld.

What is the correct term for the top surface of a weld bead?

Two pieces of metal butted together at a 90 degree angle, a bead is run half way into each piece. Depending on the thickness, it could take one bead, or multiple beads TIED-IN to each other. Fillet Weld Face – The surface or top of the weld.

What is the finished surface of a weld called?

The finished surface (cover pass) of a weld is referred to as the. weld face. In a completed weld, the junction between the surface of a weld and the base metal is called the. toe.

What is the purpose of the tail on the welding symbol?

The tail of the weld symbol is the place for supplementary information on the weld. It may contain a reference to the welding process, the electrode, a detail drawing or any information that aids in the making of the weld that does not have its own special place on the symbol.

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What is the root side of a weld?

This is the part of a weld that is situated at the bottom that is used to determine the throat of a weld, according to welders’ codebooks. This is the focal point of the concave side of a weld. It is observed in a fillet weld, groove weld and v-groove weld on pipe works.

What is bead weld?

A weld bead is a weld seam deposit that is formed in a single operation during a welding process. … A groove seam can be joined with one or more welding beads depending on metal thickness, and welding seams can also be performed with multiple passes through the layer by depositing two or more beads in the groove.

What is a root bead in welding?

“ROOT BEAD: A weld bead that extends into or includes part or all of the Joint Root.” which leads us to go define Joint Root… “JOINT ROOT” found on page 22, right column: ” That portion of a joint to be welded where the members approach closest to each other.