Your question: Is bobbin a noun?

What bobbin means?

1a : a cylinder or spindle on which yarn or thread is wound (as in a sewing machine) b : any of various small round devices on which threads are wound for working handmade lace. c : a coil of insulated wire also : the reel it is wound on.

How do you use bobbin in a sentence?

1) A sewing machine has only one bobbin. 2) I prefer to keep the expression for bobbin lace, or beautiful old needle-point. 3) Hairgrips, a pencil, a bobbin,( a teaspoon with an apostolic head. 4) Using yarn from bobbin, knit back by hand through each back bed needle.

What is bobbins slang for?

(plural) British slang matter that is worthless or of inferior quality; rubbish.

What is another word for bobbin?

What is another word for bobbin?

drum roll
pin quill
ratchet reel
spindle spool
scroll spiral

Why is a bobbin called a bobbin?

Bobbin comes from the French bobine, “small instrument used in sewing,” which shares a Latin root with babble, for the sound it makes while unspooling.

What does bobbins mean in Manchester?

bobbins (uncountable) (Lancashire, slang) crap, rubbish, something worthless or nonsensical quotations ▼

What is a bobbin thread?

When sewing with a machine, the thread wound around the bobbin links with the upper needle thread to form the bottom part of a stitch. Typically used in machine embroidery, quilting, and sewing fine fabrics, bobbin thread is lightweight and strong, adding little bulk while still securing stitches.

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Is brew a northern word?

‘” For me, it must be brew. Back home it’s always cuppa or simply a cup of tea and I love how brew is so distinctly Northern. The words came through thick and fast: kecks, powfagged, skriking, clempt, owt, nowt, summat, hadaway.

What do you call a Manchester person?

Mancunian is the associated adjective and demonym of Manchester, a city in North West England. It may refer to: Anything from or related to the city of Manchester or the county of Greater Manchester, in particular: The people of Manchester (see also List of people from Manchester)