Your question: What are the best cable needles for knitting?

Does it matter what size cable needle you use?

Does Cable Needle Size Matter? Not really, as mentioned above, people sometimes use paperclips as cable needles. However, make sure the cable needle isn’t too big, as that creates saggy stitches, and you don’t want that.

What is a cable needle in knitting?

Cable needles are designed to help you add twists into a pattern by crossing a group of stitches over one another. We have a range of cables from leading brands such as Addi, Brittany and Pony. Choose from double pointed needles in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and preferences.

What can you use if you don’t have a cable needle?

If none of these ways feels comfortable to you, consider using a safety pin instead of a cable needle. It’s an easy remedy to the “dropped, lost, left at home cable needle” issue. A safety pin is easy to attach to your project, so you will always have it at hand when it’s time to cross another cable.

How many extra stitches do you need for cable?

To start a cable pattern

If you’re adding a cable(s) to an uncabled sweater pattern, for every 4 stitches in the planned cable(s), add 1 or 2 stitches to the number of stitches to cast on. (For step-by-step instructions for casting on, see How to Use the Cable Cast-On Method.)

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