Your question: What can you make with trellis yarn?

What is ladder yarn used for?

With Ladder Ribbon yarn, just the simplest stitches would produce elegant and sensational tops, sweaters, jackets, scarves and shawls. Ladder Ribbon ladder yarn may also be used to make beautiful necklaces and jewelry. Ladder Ribbon ladder yarn drapes beautifully and may be knit on larger needles for a more lacy look.

What is trellis yarn?

The trellis yarn is approximately 1.76 ounces (50 grams) and 164 yards (150 meters). Make up to 10 Crocheted Multi-strand Ladder Yarn necklaces with one skein. A standard size knitted scarf uses about 2 skeins. The ribbon sections are almost . 38 inches long.

How do you tie ribbon into yarn?

Lay the strand on far left side over center two strands, and under strand on far right side. Bring strand on far right side under the center two strands, then up through the loop created by the strand on the far left side. Pull gently to complete know. Repeat Square Knot every few inches along yarn strand groupings.

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