How is lurex yarn made?

What is Lurex blend?

Made in Italy. 60% Wool 30% Acrylic 7% Nylon 3% Alpaca Lurex Knit. This novelty knit fabric is thick and heavy weight with a felted finish. The face of the fabric has metallic accents and a ribbed surface, while the back of the fabric is plain.

What is the difference between Lurex and lame?

According to the Vintage Fashion Guild however, Lamé is the general term for all metallic fabrics, while Lurex is “the name trademarked by The Lurex Company for plastic-coated aluminum yarn”, or fabrics made with that yarn.

Is lurex scratchy?

Usually, a “metal” yarn like Lurex will be super scratchy because of the sharp edges of the cut foil (what lurex is). … This prevents the yarn from being scratchy, making it very elegant while being soft and lightweight.

What kind of fiber is lurex?

Lurex is the registered trademark name for a type of yarn with a metallic appearance. The yarn is made from synthetic film. Lurex fibres are basically metallic fibres covered with polyester film. This stops the metal from tarnishing and staining the fabric that it is incorporated in.

Is lurex material see through?

100% Polyester, See Through Mesh, Gold Shimmery Lurex, 58to 60 Inches Wide, 2 Way Mechanical Stretch, Lightweight Fabric.

How do I wash my Lurex?

Wash on a cold (zero degree), gentle cycle with like colours and avoid washing with any metal (zippers etc). Use a garment bag or set on a hand wash cycle. Shake out and smooth down any pockets or seams and hang it out to air dry.

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