Can you line a knitted sweater?

How do you line the inside of a sweater?

Fold the lining fabric in half and press the fold lightly with an iron so you get a slight crease. Measure about 2 cm in from the crease and pin along that line. Lay your BACK pattern piece along the line (2 cm in from the fold). Line it up straight on the pinned line.

Can you line knit fabric?

Many knit garments will benefit from a lining. This may be due to a number of factors, including the sheerness of the fabric, the need for a protective underlayer, or the comfort of the wearer. When lining a knit garment, it is wisest to choose a lining that has similar properties to the outer fabric.

How do you keep a knitted sweater from unraveling?

Using your sewing machine, sew a line of short stitches around this area. These stitches will prevent the sweater from unraveling.

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