Is the brother LX3817A a good sewing machine?

What is the difference between brother LX3817 and brother LX3817A?

Feature wise, the Brother LX3817 and Brother LX3817A are exactly the same. The difference between the Brother LX3817 sewing machine and the Brother LX3817A sewing machine is the color. The Brother LX3817 is white with a blue paisley design on it. The Brother LX3817A is aqua with a grey heart print on it.

Are Brother machines good?

Owner reviews are largely positive and a number of consumers consider this machine very good “bang for your buck”. The CS5055PRW is not too heavy and it is popular for those who like to take their machine to classes. It has 50 built in stitches, an LCD display screen and is very easy to use.

Is Janome or brother better?

Brother beats Janome hands down when it comes to the number of available options for the budget machines. Janome makes heavier, durable and higher quality machines than Brother and those are more suitable for intermediate and experts.

Winner of the Janome vs. Brother:

Features Janome Brother
Durable 4.5 4.0
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