Quick Answer: What does 4 CH 1 SPS mean in crochet?

What is a CH 2 SP in crochet?

Ch-2 sp means chain-2 space OR the space/hole created by a chain-2 from the previous row. All you need to do when you get to that part is to insert your crochet hook into the hole (vs. the top of a stitch) and work your dc.

What is a CH chain?

The chain stitch (abbreviated ch) is the basis for all crochet. Almost every crochet pattern begins with a chain stitch. If you’re working in rows, your first row is a series of chain stitches, which is not surprisingly called a foundation chain.

How many ch is HDC?

7Work one hdc stitch in each successive chain across the foundation chain. You have 16 hdc stitches at the end of Row 1 (counting the turning chain as one hdc stitch).

What does space mean in crocheting?

Often patterns will tell you to crochet into the chain space. Instead of working into the stitch, or loops created by the previous row’s stitches, the chain space is the decorative “hole” or space.

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