What does AB mean in crystal beads?

What is an AB finish on beads?

Aurora Borealis (AB)

Half-coat metallic finish that adds a prismatic effect to the surface of the bead. The beads are placed in an oven where a chemical reaction between metals produces fumes that adhere to the exposed surfaces of the bead.

What is the difference between crystal and crystal AB?

A: Crystal (often known as Crystal Clear) is completely colorless. … Crystal AB, on the other hand, uses the same base stone or bead, but has an added coating which reflects many different colors, primarily gold, blue and pink.

What does AB mean in Colour?

AB is an iridescent coating that gives a subtle shimmer. It is named after the Aurora Borealis, the fabulous Northern Lights. It can be full or half coated. For example, a Swarovski crystal bead described as AB is half-coated, AB 2X would mean fully coated. A metallic coating can also be applied to give.

Which seed beads dont fade?

Possible substitutions for a dyed seed bead include opaque colors which do not run or fade. Galvanized beads are created by an unstable surface treatment or chemical wash that give a metallic coating to the bead’s surface.

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What does 9ct AB mean?

9ct represents 9/24 or 37.5% of pure gold. Yellow gold has other additives such as Silver, Copper and Zinc. This metal is not as malleable as 18ct and is mainly used in casting pieces of jewellery.

What does AB glass mean?

What is Crystal AB? Crystal AB is coating that gives an iridescent rainbow effect to the faceted faces of the crystal, the AB stands for Aurore Boreale. Crystal AB is a clear crystal with the iridescent coating that gives of tones of pink, purple, silver and yellow.

What is Gold AB?

Ultima Gold™ AB is the world’s first liquid scintillation cocktail specifically designed for alpha/beta discrimination in LSC. Ultima Gold™ AB is based on a unique, high flash-point solvent formulation that provides the slow pulse decay characteristics necessary for effective alpha/beta discrimination.

What does AB mean in stones?

AB simply means it has a special coating over the stones to make it cast additional colors.

Why are Swarovski crystals so special?

The reason behind its expensive cost is its manufacturing process. As compared to other glass jewelry, Swarovski jewelry is made of extremely high-quality crystal glass. The high-quality crystals come from the very uniform structure which offers the Swarovski crystals amazing clarity.

What’s the difference between rhinestones and Swarovski crystals?

Rhinestones are generally made of crystals but some Rhinestones are made of glass or acrylic. Crystals are solids that have ions, atoms and molecules which extend in three dimensions and are arranged in a regular way. 2. Rhinestones are cheaper than Crystals.

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What do crystal colors mean?

Crystal Healing by Chakra Color. … Crystal color energy is also related to a specific chakra. Dark browns and blacks are grounding and stabilizing. Reds, oranges and yellows are energizing and stimulating to the physical body and uplifting to the emotions. Pink and green stones are healing for the heart and emotions.

What are Swarovski crystal beads?

The Swarovski crystal making process relies on quality materials and precise manufacturing. Swarovski beads are a form of lead glass, comprised of a proprietary blend of quartz, sand, minerals, and about 32% lead which create the refractory effect that gives Swarovski crystals their signature sparkle.

What is the meaning of Swarovski crystals?

Swarovski Crystals are not actually crystals in the sense of natural stones. They are fine crystal glass made by Swarovski in Austria. Thus they have the energies of glass as well as color energies related to their color. They also bring positive energy, hope, joy, good luck, and diffuse negative energy.