You asked: What are bead findings?

What are findings in jewellery making?

Jewellery Findings is an umbrella term for a multitude of jewellery making elements, used to join components together to create a whole piece. Put simply, their purpose is to connect and hold different jewellery making items securely together.

What findings do I need for earrings?

Earwires are made using wires and are curved with a loop at the bottom to attach your chosen components such as wire wrapped beads or charms.

  • Shepherds Crook Earwires. …
  • Kidney Earwires. …
  • Lever Back Earwires.

What are findings used for?

Findings are the pieces that link beads together in the jewelry-making process. This includes components such as clasps, fasteners, connectors, endings and wire. This guide takes the mystery out of jewelry findings, tools and stringing materials. These are common knots used in jewelry-making and bead-weaving.

What are findings in leather?

Findings for Leather

  • Clasps for Leather.
  • End Bars.
  • Links & Blanks.
  • Pinch Sliders.
  • Rivetable Components.
  • Rivets, Snaps & Eyelets.
  • Slide-On Beads & Components.
  • Strap Tips & Tribuckles.

What is an earring finding?

Post or stud earring findings consist of a post that goes through the ear and an embellishment that is fused or soldered to the front. Some styles include cups or pegs or flat pads for adding half-drilled beads and cabachons.

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What is an ear pin?

Ear pinning is a specific type of cosmetic ear surgery (also called otoplasty.) The procedure draws protruding ears closer to the sides of the face, and is most commonly performed on children at age 5 or 6, but some adults choose ear pinning to improve their appearance.

What are French hook earrings?

French wire earrings are essentially dangly earrings designed with a curved hook that goes through your ear. The hook is open at the back, and the earring can sit on the earlobe without an earring back.

What is the top of the earring called?

Ear cuffs. Ear cuffs are a type of earrings worn on the upper part of the ear, rather than the lobe. An ear cuff attaches to the outer rim of the ear and may also be attached to the ear through a piercing in the lobe. Ear cuffs can be made in simple to highly elaborate designs.